Leaky Basement

What Causes a Wet Basement?

Having a wet or damp basement is fairly common, especially if you have an older home. However, it’s an issue that shouldn’t be ignored. Puddling can lead to expensive damage to your home’s foundation and your belongings, and dampness can result in mould and mildew. The first step to remedying a wet basement is to identify the problem. Here are the most common causes of water leakage in basements.


Poor Drainage Around the Home 

If rainfall is accumulating around your home’s foundation, it’s only a matter of time before it makes its way into your basement. This issue is caused by ineffective grading around your home’s foundation, meaning you have areas where the land slopes toward your home instead of away from it. To fix this problem, you’ll need to adjust the gradation and ensure that the land slopes away from your home.  
To check if there’s an issue with the grading on your property, do a thorough visual inspection of the ground around the perimeter. Alternatively, you can look out for pooling near your foundation next time it rains. 


Defective Gutters and Downspouts 

Gutters and downspouts are meant to direct rainfall away from your home’s foundation. If they’re poorly installed, clogged or broken, an excessive amount of water may end up in the soil after rainstorms and seep through your home’s foundation. 
Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear of debris and in good condition and the downspouts are set down at an appropriate angle.


Leaky Pipes

If there are leaks in the plumbing behind your basement walls, water may start to seep through. Therefore, wet patches on the walls in your basement are a sign that you need to call in a professional to inspect your plumbing.  


Problems with the Sump Pump

Sump pumps are designed to collect and drain the groundwater that accumulates beneath your house. Moisture in the soil beneath your home can both seep through floors and make its way into the walls. If you have a sump pump, have it serviced by a professional to ensure that it’s working well.


Cracks in the Foundation

If there are cracks in your foundation, there’s a good chance that they’re a gateway for moisture to enter your basement. Be sure to act immediately to get all cracks in your foundation repaired ASAP by a crack stitching professional. 


Do You Have a Leaky Basement?

If you have a wet or damp basement, count on the team at DryBasements.com to diagnose and remedy the problem. Our services include exterior crack repair, crack stitching and sump pump maintenance. For more information, or for a free estimate, contact us today

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