Does Your Basement or Crawl Space Have a Musty Odour?

Mould spores are part of our natural environment; they’re in the air and in our food, but they need stagnant moisture to nourish their growth. You will notice more odors and dampness in basements and crawl spaces because there is excess moisture, stagnant air and damp surfaces—all of which contribute to mould growth. Unfortunately, the air in a house naturally flows upwards pulling with it mould spores into the upper living areas. In order to prevent mould growth it is absolutely imperative to reduce moisture and keep the air from

The antiquated method of dealing with excess moisture is to use dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers though have several drawbacks. They are only effective in a limited space, they do not circulate enough air, are extremely energy inefficient and they require emptying buckets of water and filter changes. Why use yesterday’s technology? Join the thousands of people who have embraced the wave of the future and get a HumiFresh Ventilation unit to solve your indoor moisture problems.

HumiFresh Ventilation is the proven method to effectively remove excess moisture from the basement or crawl space and to ventilate the entire house creating a whole house air exchange 6-10 times daily. HumiFresh Ventilation units are installed at the lowest level of the house where the relative humidity is the highest. The units expel the moist, damp air and replenish it with the drier, fresher, healthier air from the upper levels. They require no maintenance and cost just pennies a day to operate. A HumiFresh Ventilation is the whole house solution to your moisture problems and indoor air quality by transforming the basement or crawl space from a musty unhealthy area into favorable conditions comparable to upstairs. More importantly though, it will starve mould spores of the essential ingredient they require to proliferate. Mould activity will decrease in the upper levels as well.

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