Window Wells

Get Proper Drainage with Window Wells in Kitchener, London & Beyond

The Ontario Building Code requires that every sub-grade window shall have a well with a drain to the homes perimeter footing drainage system or other suitable location. The purpose here is to prevent the accumulation of water inside the well and subsequent leaking through or around the basement window. Window wells are vulnerable to water build-up from heavy rain or snow accumulation as well as spillover from an eavestrough above. If you want to add a window well to your London home, choose

Of course, even the very best drainage will not function if the window well is not properly maintained by keeping it free of garbage and debris. One of the most common window well problems has to do with size. A window well that is not wide enough can allow soil to enter from the sides and between the plug and drain. A window well that is too short will allow water to wash soil under the well and plug the drain. Every year, inspects hundreds of undersized window wells with plugged or non-existent drains. Your estimator can help you ensure that a failed window well or drain will never cause you the misfortune of a flooded basement. To accomplish this, a drain needs to be installed inside your window well in order to provide the positive drainage required to carry water away from your foundation wall. Properly installed window wells should be 8 inches below the window sill and 2 inches above the finished grade at minimum.

Importance of Window Wells

  • An excavation is performed from the window right down to the weeping tile
  • The weeping tile is checked to ensure that it is clear (it would not make sense to connect a window well drain pipe to a weeping tile that does not work)
  • If needed, the weeping tile is scoped and flushed
  • A 4" drain pipe is installed to approximately 4" below the height of the window sill
  • The window well is fastened to the wall with anchors
  • Excavation is backfilled with native soil and compacted
  • Drainage stone is poured inside the window well to facilitate draining into the newly installed drain pipe

Importance of Window Wells 

It is essential to get window wells installed in your basement for the following reasons:

  • Ventilation - A window well allows outside air to enter your basement, keeping the area moisture-free.
  • Allows Natural Light - Basements can be dark and musty. Installing a window well allows natural light to enter your space, keeping it bright and preventing mould buildup.
  • Safety - During emergencies such as a fire or burglary, a window well can be used as an escape route.

Get Creative with Custom Window Wells

Are you remodelling, finishing your basement or just wishing to accent your existing home in London? Consider our window well installation services to add beauty, style and safety to your basement. Custom window wells increase natural light and give your basement a warm and inviting feeling. Call for more information and to learn more about other services such as sump pumps and basement isolation.

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