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Sump Pump Service in London, Kitchener, & Across Southwestern Ontario

Do you need help with your sump pumps? We have affordable solutions for you if you need installation or repair services.  For over 25 years, we have been your trusted waterproofing company in Ontario. Kitchener, Waterloo, London, and other Ontario homeowners can look to for help. A sump pump is a pump used to remove water that has accumulated in a sump pit. The sump pit, found in the basement, is simply a hole to collect water. Water enters the pit from the perimeter footing tile.

 This drain tile or weeping tile system may have been installed at the time of original construction or part of a retrofit basement waterproofing system. Depending on the type of waterproofing system installed, the tile may have been installed on either the inside or the outside of the basement or foundation wall.

How it Works

A sump pump and tile system remove water that would otherwise collect at the foundation footing, causing considerable damage inside the home. A stand-alone sump pump system can sometimes be used to collect water from below a basement floor where a high water table and hydrostatic pressure may be an issue. In such cases, water will typically be seen seeping through cracks or fissures in the basement floor. 

In some locales, sump pits and pumps are part of the building code. If the basement is below the water table level, hydrostatic pressure will force water through any cracks or fissures in the basement floor and at the junction of the footing and wall. That means a properly installed pit and pump are absolute necessities.

Sump Pumps and Older Homes

Some older homes have the eavestrough downspouts connected directly to the perimeter tiles. This is incorrect. Downspouts should discharge water directly to a safe area away from the foundation. Disconnecting downspouts is part of's Basement Isolation Program. 

In most municipalities, the sump pump system discharge line is prohibited from being connected to a sanitary sewer but should be discharged over the surface where it will not be a hazard or allow water to flow back toward the foundation. By-laws also prohibit discharging directly onto a neighbouring property. When a storm sewer connection is viable, this is the most desired outlet.

Unfortunate Reality

The reality is that eventually all sump pumps fail. During our 25-plus years solving wet basement issues in Southwestern Ontario, we have seen countless flooded basements caused by sump related failures; floods that were not only the result of power outages, but also due to pump or sensor failures, non-existent backup systems or unreliable backup systems with inadequate pumping capacity. We have also seen flooding due to plugged discharge lines or pump intakes and failed check valves. The Insurance Bureau of Canada reports that each year their members handle claims for sump related flooding totalling hundreds of million dollars. And this number continues to increase as more homes have finished basements with media rooms and full scale family rooms.

We know that our customers want us to not only fix their existing water or humidity related problem, but also help them avoid conditions that could lead to future water damage. That's why we recommend Ion® sump pumps installed alongside Barnes 1/3 hp submersible sump pumps.

Drier Basements in Southwest Ontario with Ion® Sump Pumps, Controllers & Backups installs and recommends sump pumps, control switches, and battery backups from Ion®. These systems are designed to work for specific property conditions, ensuring consistent results and performance. 

Have a question on these products or would like to see which setup is right for your home? Call to bring the power of Ion® to the basement of your Southwest Ontario home. Contact us to request free estimates for sump pump services in London and Kitchener.

Ion® WC33i Basement Sump Pump

With its 1/3-horsepower motor, the WC33i can pump up to 45 gallons of septic tank effluent or water per minute. The Ion® digital level and vertical float controls come standard. With its oil-filled PSC high-efficiency motor, the WC33i gets by on half the power you’ll find in most 1/3-horsepower pumps — that can bring about a good deal of savings over time.

Download more information on the Ion® WC33i Basement sump pump:

WC33i Brochure (PDF)
WC33i Operation Manual (PDF)

Ion Digital Level Control Switch

With solid state sensing technology the Ion Digital Level Control Switch has no moving parts to wear our or fail. It’s also
rated for use with both sewage pump and sump pump applications, as well as any 115-volt pump up to 15 amps. Ion® has designed this unit to operate for over two million cycles.

For more information, download the product brochure and operation manual:

Ion Brochure (PDF)
Ion Operation Manual (PDF)

Ion+ Digital Level Control with High Water Alarm

It may never come up in conversation and you may not read about it in the news, but the Ion+ is the world’s first digital piggyback-style sump and sewage pump level control sensor to come with integrated alarms. Alarm notifications can be delivered by LED indicators, audible buzzer, or dry alarm contact. You can even connect it to external alarm notification systems such as MetroMail™ or our own ION Gateway® system so you can receive real-time notifications.

Learn more about the Ion+ by downloading the brochure and operations manual:

Ion+ Brochure (PDF)
Ion+ Operation Manual (PDF)

Ion Genesis® Smart Controller and Sensors

Designed to operate one or two pumps, the Ion Genesis® is truly a first-of-its-kind digital pump controller. Its digital level sensors are used in place of standard float switches, incorporating smart sensing technology to send critical system information to the Ion Genesis® controller.

Download the following materials to learn more about this system:

Ion Genesis Brochure (PDF)
Ion Genesis Operation Manual (PDF)

30ACi+ Battery Backup System

30ACi+ Battery Backup System

As a fully automatic backup power source, the 30ACi+ Battery Backup System can operate from AC and DC power and run the same 1/3-horsepower pump with the power on or off. This unit also features the Ion+® digital level control sensor with integrated alarms.

Learn more about this unit by downloading the following information packets:

30ACi+ Brochure
30ACi+ Operation Manual

30ACi Deluxe Battery Backup System

The 30ACi Deluxe is an automatic backup power source that can operate a 1/3-horsepower pump using AC or DC power (with or without power service to the home). Through the Ion Genesis® controller, all pump activity is monitored and shown on the integrated displays. No moving parts on the sensors means there is nothing to fail or wear out over time.

To learn more about this unit, download the following information sheets:

30ACi Deluxe Brochure
30ACi Deluxe Operation Manual

MPII Power Pac System for Sumps

Featuring two 1/3-horsepower pumps with a PSC motor, the MPPII Power Pac System for Sumps can be used in basins with a minimum size of 18”x24”. The system alternates pumps every cycle and each pump can remove up to 2,700 gallons per hour. Included in the system is an Ion Genesis® controller, 1-1/2” check valve, and 1-1/2” Sch. 40 PVC piping. This setup can be used with WC33-IG single-pump sumps or WC66-IG dual-pump sumps.

For more details on this system, download the information packets:

MPPII Brochure
WC33 Operation Manual

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