Internal Drainage

Solve Basement Water Problems with Internal Drainage from Woodstock’s Ltd.

An internal breakout, sometimes called an interior weeping tile, interior French drain, or interior drain system is an interior water control system. When designed and installed correctly, this is an ideal solution that can offer the homeowner a permanent solution to water infiltration through basement walls as well as relieving ground water pressure. At, we offer this internal drainage service to Woodstock, London, and other areas throughout Ontario.

Internal Drainage
  • Excellent choice where exterior access is limited by driveways, decks, landscaping, etc.
  • Typically less expensive than exterior excavation with equal moisture control effectiveness
  • Waterproofing solution for all types of foundations including poured concrete, concrete block, stone, brick and fieldstone
  • The internal breakout is a much more effective solution than drainage tile laid atop or at the edge of the basement floor

Short Summary

  • A 12-16 inch trench is cut at the base of the wall along the outside perimeter of the basement
  • The trench is lined with 3 inch perforated PVC pipe laid next to the footing
  • A 15-18 inch sump liner, approximately 30 inches deep, is installed
  • The drainage pipe is connected to the sump pit
  • A professional-grade sump pump, with a full pumping capacity battery backup pump from NexPump or Ion®, is installed in the liner
  • Guardian, is installed in the liner
  • A 1 1/2 inch diameter discharge pipe leads the water from the pump to the exterior of the house at grade level
An internal breakout is considered a permanent repair and as such, comes backed by our transferrable Written Lifetime Warranty. Call Ltd for more information on our internal drainage services.

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