Exterior Crack Repair

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Exterior Crack Repair 

Depending on the age of your poured concrete foundation and the severity of the crack in your foundation or basement wall, we may recommend an Exterior Crack Repair as the best method of repair. This process requires digging down to the footing drain (weeping tile) to expose the entire length of the crack.  This also allows us to give your drain tile a quick visual inspection. Of course, this may only tell us its condition at this location. If a problem with the weepers is suspected, a weeper flush is recommended. In some cases, a video inspection (Scope) is required for visual confirmation of the issue and its location. If you need foundation crack repair services in Southwestern Ontario, you can count on us. We also specialize in other services, such as sump pumps, battery back-ups, window wells and drains, and of course Crack Stitching.

Please note that a weeper flush may only be a temporary fix since the conditions that led to the weepers being plugged may still exist. A permanent fix requires identifying how the tile became plugged and correcting that issue in order to prevent future blockages from occurring.

Short Summary

  • The area is first excavated, usually by hand, to identify and expose the crack right down to the weeping tile
  • The weeping tile is opened to allow for inspection then repaired
  • Bentonite Mastic is applied over the crack followed by the Flood Boot
  • After sealing the Flood Boot, additional protection and drainage is provided by the installation of the air-gap membrane
  • Drainage stone is added and then covered with a protective, geotextile filter fabric prior to backfilling with native soil
  • Whenever we are able, the backfill is compacted
  • The visible crack above grade is sealed with a proprietary, flexible parging called SecureBond

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know that my foundation needs structural repair?

Horizontal or offset cracks are just a few indications that your foundation is damaged. Speak to our experts to mend it.

Can a crack in concrete grow?

A small crack can grow due to expansive soil and changes in the moisture content of the soil around your home.

How long does a foundation crack repair take?

The time taken to repair the crack depends on the level of damage caused to your foundation.

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If there are obstacles in the way, our estimator can arrange to have the area cleared. Every effort is made to avoid damage to more of the surrounding area than is necessary. Utility locates will be handled by our office. An exterior crack repair is considered a permanent repair and as such is backed by our transferrable Written Lifetime Warranty. Call for more details about our foundation crack repair services in Kitchener.

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