Damp Basement

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Regardless of how well a home is designed or built, humidity is going to take its toll in a moderate climate like ours. Excess humidity, especially in basement areas, can foster mould growth that can damage your home as well as lead to poor indoor air quality, unpleasant odors and dampness. Low humidity is essential.

In today's energy efficient homes, this humid air along with other harmful indoor fumes emitted from paint, household cleaners, etc., will affect your family's health without proper ventilation. These pollutants and the excess humidity must be purged before they become a health hazard and replaced with fresh clean air.

Enter HumiFresh with its exclusive Humidity Controlled Ventilation (HCV) system maintains lower humidity, eliminates pollutants and provides the clean fresh air needed. Plus,

  • Replaces damp humid air with warm, dry air
  • Reduces excess humidity and musty odor
  • Solves summertime humidity and wintertime window condensation
  • Does not require excessive ductwork - vented just like a dryer
  • Functions without buckets to empty
  • Does not require expensive part replacement and comes backed by a 4-year warranty
  • Operates at a low cost of $2.00/month - uses 38 watts of electricity

The HumiFresh HCV technology automatically adjusts ventilation to keep excess humidity out and create favourable indoor air quality (based on both indoor and outdoor conditions). This helps prevent those humidity prone areas, such as basements, from becoming saturated by seasonal humidity and correct similar existing situations. Indeed, the entire indoor environment becomes drier and more comfortable. As an added benefit, the HCV technology minimizes ventilation impact on cooling or heating costs when outside conditions are not ideal for ventilation (hot/humid or severe cold).

There are HumiFresh models available for homes and apartments. HumiFresh is also part of the DryBasements.com Crawl Space Solution. Talk to our team to learn more.

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