Basement Lowering

Basement Lowering Services in Woodstock, London & Beyond

If you are looking to increase your living space, the first place to look is your basement. It can be more economical than building an addition, because, with the walls, floor and ceiling already there, the "addition" is already partly finished. Plus, since you're building within the existing structure, you don't have to worry about zoning issues such as setback from property lines or height restrictions.

Digging out a low ceiling basement or crawlspace is a major renovation with multiple stages. If done incorrectly, it can lead to foundation damage and eventual collapse of your home. Basement lowering is always based on engineered drawings and city-approved permits. With proper engineering and modern building and waterproofing techniques, it is possible to convert any low ceiling cellar or crawlspace into a low humidity, well-ventilated and comfortable living space.

Underpinning vs. Bench Footings

There are two main methods of basement lowering: (1) underpinning and (2) the use of bench footings. Underpinning maintains the square footage of your basement. Bench footings are cheaper and are used only where underpinning is not possible.

Best in Class Water Damage Prevention

All Basement Lowering Projects include "Best in Class" water damage prevention and humidity ventilation products to ensure your new space has maximum livability for years to come. These products include:

Our Lifetime Transferable Waterproofing Warranty, Basement Guardian ProLine Backup and Barnes 1/3 hp submersible sump pump.

FLOODSTOP leak detectors and automatic shutoff valves installed on your water heaters and washing machine.

A HumiFresh HCV system to eliminate moist air and pollutants throughout your home.

Budget Estimate

Basement Lowering and crawlspace conversions are both major projects. If you are considering this type of work, we will be pleased to help start the process with a free onsite consultation.

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