Basement Isolation

Basement Isolation Services for London, Stratford & Other Ontario Municipalities

Basement Insulation

During heavy rain events, more water can enter the sewers under the street than they can handle due to the extra water being added from the weeping tiles. This excess water could potentially come back into the home if the sewer becomes overwhelmed. As a result, municipalities throughout Ontario including London and Stratford have instituted programs and subsidies for homeowners where drain tile is hooked up to municipal drains.

Program Goals

  • Reduce basement flooding
  • Reduce sewage treatment costs
  • Reduce sewage overflow into the natural environment
  • Provide financial incentives to homeowners who disconnect their weeping tile

If it has not already been done, disconnect all downspouts from the weeping tile. Direct roof water away from the house using downspouts that empty into lateral piping that deposits water on a sloping grade a minimum of 5 ft. away from the foundation.

Short Summary

  • Disconnect weeping tile from sanitary or storm sewer lateral line to street
  • Install Backflow Preventer on sanitary line
  • Seal existing storm sewer lateral line
  • Install sump pit and pump if not already installed
  • Route weeping tile drain to sump pit

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