Foundation Crack Repair

What Are the Types of Foundation Cracks and How to Fix Them?

The foundation supports the load of the entire building, protects it against natural forces (such as earthquakes or tornados) and shields your house from ground dampness during rains or floods. Cracks in your foundation can hamper the structural integrity of your house, resulting in costly repairs. Cracks may even lead to flooding in your basement, promoting mould growth. This is not only a potential health hazard but also causes significant damage to your furniture and clothing. Ltd. provides foundation crack repairs in Ontario. We have been offering cost-effective solutions to our clients since 1990. We also provide crack stitching and exterior excavation services.  


Here is an overview of the common types of foundation cracks and how to repair them: 

  • Vertical Cracks 
    These are the most common and the least severe type of cracks you will encounter. These either go straight up and down or may be slightly diagonal (within a 30 degree angle of vertical). Vertical cracks can be caused by the settling of your foundation or due to water pressure against your foundation. You can use an epoxy or polyurethane injection to permanently seal vertical cracks in your foundation as these materials are lightweight, flexible and waterproof. Prevent water pooling near your foundation.
  • Diagonal Cracks 
    These cracks are positioned at an angle of about 30 to 75 degrees from vertical. Diagonal cracks may be a thin hairline or could be wider at one end than the other. They can cause major structural issues as they are usually caused by the differential settling of a foundation (one side of a home’s foundation settling lower than the rest of the foundation). These are commonly found in homes built on hills or in places with rapidly changing soil conditions owing to excessive rain or drought. The method used to repair this crack is similar to vertical cracks but is more expensive. You have to address the cause of the differential settlement to prevent foundation shifts in the future.
  • Horizontal Cracks  
    They can be caused by soil pressure or hydrostatic pressure on your foundation walls, causing them to bow inward. Houses made up of concrete or block basement foundations are commonly prone to this issue. Horizontal cracks have to be fixed immediately as they severely compromise the structural integrity of your home. Hire experienced foundation crack repair experts as horizontal cracks require extensive repairs. You may have to reinforce your foundation to secure it and prevent further damage.

For foundation crack repairs and waterproofing services in Ontario, get in touch with Ltd. We also help fix bowed walls and internal drainage.


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