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Tips to Maintain Window Wells

Proper maintenance of your window wells can prolong their life and keep water damage in your basement at bay. Window wells allow light to enter your basement and keep it moisture free. However, sometimes a poorly draining window well can cause serious problems. At,, we provide cost-effective solutions for foundation concerns and wet basements. Our services include internal drainage, exterior excavation, sump pumps, basement isolation and concrete block foundation. You can check out our media gallery for photos and videos of our previous projects.


Here are ways to maintain your window wells efficiently:

  • Take care of your roof’s drainage system - Regularly have your gutters cleaned to keep your drainage system in check. If there is excessive leakage of groundwater it’ll get deposited beside the window well, causing further drainage problems and soil erosion.
  • Check for leaks periodically - A tiny leak can cause major trouble when it comes to your basement. Check if there is any mould growth, wood rot or increase in moisture levels in your basement. If you feel that water might be leaking through some crevice, seek professional help immediately. If you ignore the moisture around your windows now, it might cause basement flooding in the future.
  • Make sure your cover follows safety standards - If your window has an external cover, you need to be certain that no heavy objects are positioned on it to weigh it down. Make sure there are no external locks on the exterior of the cover. A lock on the interior is still acceptable, but it needs to be easy to open as it will be an escape route for your family in case of an emergency, such as a fire. Also, there should be a liner fitted in the cover to protect you against natural and man-made threats. Make sure the cover isn’t broken or cracked.
  • Ensure your window wells are checked annually - Getting your window wells inspected annually will ensure their proper functioning. If you have a finished basement, components like drywall might have an impending moisture problem which you won’t be able to identify. To avoid missing issues these issues, make sure to get professional help.

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