Wet Basement

Six Common Causes and Solutions for a Wet Basement

A damp or wet basement is a common problem and can occur in both old homes and new ones. Moisture can ruin your floors and dampen your insulation. It can also promote mould growth, which is hazardous to your health. There are various causes of basement leaks and determining the exact cause is important to fix the problem immediately.

DryBasements.com is a locally owned business, providing basement waterproofing and foundation crack repair services in Waterloo and Southwestern Ontario since 1990. Let’s discuss the common causes and solutions for wet basements.

  • Interior water leaks - It is important for you to always check for inside leaks while trying to figure out the cause for moisture in your basement. Leaks can occur from different places such as sinks, showers, dishwashers, washing machines or bad pipes.

Let our staff repair the leak for you. If the leak was the cause of the moisture, it can be fixed by techniques such as sealing.

  • Ineffective grading - Groundwater and rain can make their way into your basement because of poor grading. To prevent this, ensure the ground below your foundation slopes away from the building and not towards it.

Also, ensure the dirt around your foundation is compacted so that water doesn’t accumulate against your foundation.

  • Defective or missing downspouts and gutters - Downspouts and gutters are built to direct rainwater away from your home’s foundation. If they are missing or defective, rainwater accumulates near your foundation and can make its way into your basement.

Ensure you place extenders on all downspouts to disperse water at least four feet away from your foundation. Keep the gutters clean so they function properly.

  • Missing sump pits or drain tiles - Lack of proper drainage systems can lead to problems such as clogged pipes, broken sump pumps or broken connections.

The solution involves constructing a proper drain system under your flooring to expel moisture.

  • Cracks in your foundation - If there are cracks in your foundation, there are high chances of water making its way into your basement. Sometimes, the cause of the cracks can be water itself. Your walls can move and form cracks if your floor joists aren’t connected appropriately to the foundation walls. The cracks can also happen due to poor drainage in the soil.

Solutions might vary based on the cause of the cracks. If the cause is hydrostatic pressure due to water accumulation around your foundation, repair exterior drainage to solve the problem. If cracks were caused by structural problems, connections (anchor bolts or straps) and proper footing should be put into place to seal gaps.

  • Condensation - Basement condensation normally occurs when moist air comes in contact with your cool basement floors and walls. Moisture will be created when the walls cool the warm air.

Install an exhaust fan if you have a kitchen or bathroom in your basement. Steam from cooking and hot showers create a lot of moisture leading to condensation. If your basement doesn’t have air conditioning vents, consider installing them for airflow. If you don’t have an AC, install a fan for distributing moisture.

You can always trust the technicians at DryBasements.com Ltd. if you are facing wet basement and foundation problems. Call us to learn more about our services to treat basement moisture.

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