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Everything You Need to Know about Weeping Tiles

Have you ever wondered what’s keeping your basement dry, or what’s keeping your home’s foundation from degrading due to water damage? It all comes down to a handy contraption called a weeping tile. Keep reading to learn all about this essential component of your home’s drainage system.

What is a weeping tile?

The name is a bit misleading, as we aren’t dealing with a tile but rather a pipe. Also known as a drain tile or a perimeter tile, a weeping tile is an underground porous pipe that spans a home’s foundation and drains away excess water into the sewer or a sump pump. Why the name? Back in the day, drainpipes were made of terracotta tiles (today they’re made of corrugated plastic). “Weeping” refers to the weep holes on the pipe through which water passes.

Newly built homes are always outfitted with a weeping tile system.

Why are weeping tile systems important?

By draining away excess water, weeping tile systems protect a house’s structural integrity. Without properly functioning weeping tiles, cracks can form in a house’s foundation (the foundation will be at risk of destabilizing and basement leaks can thereby occur). 

How is a weeping tile system installed?

Weeping tiles are placed in a trench that has been dug around a home’s outer perimeter. They’re overlaid with a layer of small rocks, which prevents the weep holes from becoming clogged with dirt, tree roots or other debris.

Why do some home's have interior weeping tile systems?

Weeping tile systems can also be installed inside the home, just beneath the basement floor. This option is generally reserved for circumstances in which an exterior system can’t be installed properly. 

When does a weeping tile system require replacement?

The first sign that your weeping tile system is no longer doing its job is cracking in your home’s foundation that results in leaks springing in your basement. This may occur when a weeping tile system has been poorly installed, or else when a system is old and the pipes have become clogged over time.

Replacing and repairing weeping tiles in Southwest Ontario

If you detect drainage problems in your home, the first step is to call a waterproofing company. They’ll be able to diagnose the problem, and if necessary, repair or replace your weeping tile system. For effective and innovative waterproofing and foundation repair solutions in Southwest Ontario, contact We fix problems with weeping tile systems and provide a wide range of additional services, including crack stitching, sump pump installation and window well drainage solutions. Basically, we ensure that you never have to deal with a wet basement. We serve London, Woodstock, Brantford, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and the surrounding areas. Contact us today!

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