Spring Check for Winter Damage

During the spring, it makes good sense to inspect your home done over the winter. Winter can be very hard on a home’s exterior. Please remember

to always take the appropriate precautions when inspecting your property for damage.
  • Look closely at the exposed foundation above ground, inspect for cracks and surface deterioration. 
  • Inspect window wells to make sure they are secured to the foundation and not separated our lifted.
  • Ensure that window wells and drains are not plugged with leaf litter or any other materials.
  • If your basement is finished, inspect the perimeter for any signs of moisture. 
  • If your basement is unfinished, look for vertical or horizontal cracks. Severe frost can cause foundations to crack. 
  • Check your grading. As the frost comes out of the ground, concrete slabs and sidewalks can begin to slope toward the house.
  • Ensure everything is sloping away from the house. 
  • Inspect the caulking around windows, siding and doors.
  • Check that your downspouts have not been damaged by ice buildup.
  • Check that your eaves have not separated from the house and holes that will wildlife to get in. 
  • Look for missing or damages shingles and inspect valleys and flashing (binoculars can often be used or with newer high resolution camera, you may be able to take pictures and then do your inspection at your desk).
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