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5 Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

Failing to properly maintain your sump pump can cost you dearly. When the next big storm hits, your basement could be in trouble. Fortunately, keeping your sump pump in good shape isn’t difficult. Do the following 5 things every three to four months and you shouldn’t have any problems.

  1. Ensure that your sump pump is running. Make sure that the primary pump is connected to the power and turned on. If your pump plugs into an outlet, make sure the ground fault circuit interrupter hasn’t tripped and that the cord is in good shape.
  2. Test it. Pour a bucket of water into the sump pump pit. The pump should turn on and pull the water away within a few seconds.
  3. Straighten it. Sump pumps can begin to tilt off centre due to vibrations. Make sure that the device is straight and upright and that the float ball moves freely.
  4. Clean it. To keep your sump pump running efficiently and to prolong its life, clean the sump pump pit. This involves removing all dirt, sand, gravel and other debris. Also, make sure that the discharge line is free of obstructions.
  5. Back it up. If you don’t already have a battery backup for your sump pump, consider getting one. This is a failsafe in the case of a power outage (extreme weather events resulting in both flooding and power outages aren’t uncommon). If your pump already has a backup battery, make sure it’s working and fully charged. Also, be certain to replace it every two or three years or as indicated by the manufacturer.

And, last but not least, regularly get your sump pump inspected by a professional. Like any machine, sump pumps undergo wear and tear and with time require repair or replacement.

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