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The Story of DryBasements.com

It is not our goal to be the biggest waterproofing company in Ontario, but to be the most trusted and respected waterproofing company in our small corner of the province. Based in Woodstock, we provide our innovative waterproofing and foundation repair solutions to homeowners across London/St. Thomas, Woodstock, Brantford, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and surrounding areas.


We firmly believe values go hand in hand with value. That’s why we combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge and reasonable prices to provide you with service unmatched by our competitors.


When you have been around the industry for as long as we have—over 30 years—you understand what it takes to provide smooth, reliable service.


Through our "Acceptance Interview" process, we ensure that no details are missed and that you fully understand what is included in your contract and what is not. Nobody likes surprises!

That’s Your Website, But What Is Your Company Called?

JB to DB.

My name is Jeff Brown. I am the president and founder of DryBasements.com Ltd. and this is my story. When I think back to how the web looked back in 1996, we have come a long way. I could see how important the net would be and so I registered our domain: DryBasements.com. 

I spent hours learning HTML coding and designed and wrote my first website. It was simple and easy to navigate and I had many compliments on how informative it was. As with everything, the years were not kind to my little site and it began to look outdated. I wrote a new site that looked better but did not have all the bells and whistles then available. I wanted to keep it as backward compatible as I could.

Years later, I hired a co-op student to work here and create a new modern site that would have a secure area that would host our database and allow customers to log-in and request estimates, accept contracts, pay their bill and view pictures of their work. 4 months later and it was online and almost working. Unfortunately, the site slowly died from the inside out. Once it started having problems the public could see, we reinstalled our previous site until a new one could be created. We are very proud of our current site and we hope that you find it informative and educational. I have always believed that a website should be more than just a billboard but a place where people can come and learn about new products and ideas and gain a greater understanding of the world around them.

It was in 2001 that I saw the need to become a corporate citizen. Previously I was operating as a sole proprietor registered as JB Enterprises. There are limits to how you grow as a sole proprietor, so I made the leap to a corporation operating as JB Enterprises. I had thought about using JB as the registered name of the company but I had already been erroneously receiving invoices from a supplier for another JB Enterprises in the Barrie area. I had often thought about using our website domain name as our company name, but having spent 11 years already building a reputation as JB Enterprises, I was afraid to make the leap. thus we operated as 2006589 Ont. Ltd. operating as JB Enterprises. It not until 2006, 10 years after registering the domain name, that I decided to take the leap, and we became known as DryBasements.com Ltd.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the past 30+ years. My team and I look forward to helping many more people throughout southwestern Ontario in the years to come.

-Jeff Brown
Founder and President

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National Association of Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors, Inc.
Rated & Recommended TrustedPros
Basement Health Association
Canadian Home Builders Association
Renomark Renovators Mask Of Excellence
Better Business Bureau Accredited A+ Rating

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