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						DryBasements.com Ltd.

						Southwestern Ontario's crack repaie specialists since 1990

					Our Business is Basements,
  Our Foundation is People!®
Our Business is Basements, Our Foundation is People!

Exterior Crack Repair

Depending on the age of your poured concrete foundation and the condition of the foundation or basement wall crack, we may recommend an Exterior Crack Repair as the best method for waterproofing. This treatment requires excavation down to the weeping tile so that we can also check the weepers. Of course this only tells us their condition at that location. If a weeper problem is found, a Weeper Flush may be required. In some cases a video scoping is required for visual confirmation.

If the problem is confirmed to be plugged weepers, flushing is only a temporary fix. A permanent fix requires that the problem that caused the tile pluggage to be identified and corrected in order to prevent future blockages. Click here to learn more about weeping tiles

  • The area is first excavated, usually by hand, down to expose the weeping tile.
  • Weeping tile inspection is performed.
  • The cracked is identified.
  • A Bentonite Mastic is applied
  • A Flood Boot is then installed
  • An Air-Gap Membrane is applied as an additional waterproofing shield and to relieve hydrostatic pressure
  • Drainage Stone is then added
  • Native soil backfill is replaced and compacted.

Click here to learn more about weeping tiles

Exterior Crack Repair of basement wall

If there are obstacles in the way, our estimator can arrange to have the area cleared. Every effort is made to avoid damage to more of the surrounding area than is necessary. Utility locates will handled by our office. An Exterior Crack Repair is considered a permanent repair and as such, is backed by our transferrable "Written Lifetime Warranty"

Written Lifetime Waterproofing Warranty from DryBasements.com

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